Trinity Zen Returns Tuesday, Jan. 24 – Marking 20 Years of Trinity Zen

Trinity Zen hits the mats again on Jan. 24. With the beginning of the spring semester, we mark 20 years of Trinity Zen, which began when Garret reached out to Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, then the chaplain of Trinity College. Garret asked if the chapel would be willing to host a Zen group conducted by the New Haven Zen Center. Charleston, whose academic career included an in-depth study of Buddhism, was enthusiastic. Garret and John – both New Haven Zen Center dharma teachers – began with “don’t know” mind and the group evolved with a mix of students and non-students from Hartford and surrounding communities. Over the years, we have hosted talks, retreats, etc. We have never enjoyed more support than we do today from Rev. Allison Read, the college chaplain, and the entire Spiritual Life Team at Trinity.